Freight Broker Services

Freight Broker Services is both a downloadable software program and an IT service support service in one. It simplifies the transportation broker’s operational daily processes. It allows the freight broker to enter load data from a single office or multiple office locations.

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Freight Broker Services

Freight Broker Services

How does it Work

1. Download the software

To download the software you will need to purchase a service contract, 1/yr $99.

2. Determine your (MOS) mode of operation

  • Your mode of operations mainly refers to how you will handle your data The software is a standalone program, this means that the data remains on your local computer or laptop, and your print your invoices and reports from a local install.

3. Office Networking

If you have more than one employee, and you need central access to your data in an office environment, it would require loading a module on each machine. Your data is placed on a central computer, dedicated server, or another office environment, where all your team members can share your data.

Remote Services

It doesn’t matter, If you have offices in different locations, or if you are an independent trucker needing access to your data from the road, Remote Services may be the type of service you require.

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